As global markets continue to become ever more difficult to navigate, we are here for you to provide the tailored yet flexible supply chain solutions your business needs

Whether you ship by air, ocean, or land, we are an all-inclusive global service provider well-positioned to stand by your side where ever the future takes you.

A partnership with A+D is a partnership with a team of experienced, forward-thinking individuals that provide you with leading-edge technology and superior customer service.

We value our investments in:

Our People

We understand that we are only as good as our people. Our team is well seasoned and experienced. We focus on competence and communication while priding ourselves on honesty and integrity. The organization instills this in every member of the global team.

Digital Solutions

Your supply chain needs to operate efficiently. So do you. A+Dportal, our user-friendly customer interface, provides you with visibility and clarity throughout your supply chain.

Network Expansion

Our global network well positions us to service our clients from any corner of the globe. As your business grows and adapts to global trends, we aim to be your valued partner every step of the way.

Where we’ve been and where we’re going. Helping you make the right choice for your business.

In times of past normalcy, supply chains that power our way of living flew under the radar. Rarely did anyone wonder how all of those goods end up on the shelves they visit every day.

Up until recent years, this was the norm.

Simple and less complex solutions used to get the job done.

Supply chain professionals must now contend with growing geopolitical events, weather and natural disasters, outbreaks and regulatory changes that make getting goods to arrive on time increasingly difficult.

Choosing the right supply chain partner is vital to dealing with these unpredictable factors.

We are your key to navigating through the ever-growing complexities and needs within your global supply chain.

The foundation of our business relies on

  • Maintaining partnerships built on honesty and integrity.
  • Providing you with teams of dedicated professionals that serve as a resource to you and your business.
  • Investing in systems that will be the industry standard for decades to come in order to best serve you.
  • Providing efficient and accurate technology that gives you the visibility you need across your supply chain.
  • Taking the extra step. Acting as true partner, not just a service provider, by your side as your business grows and evolves.